A couple of years ago I thought to myself that I could write some X-COM fan fiction, after reading some of the works available on the net. And thus X-COM: The Unknown Menace  was born. It took me 1 and a half years to finish it and by that time I had decided to write a follow up, Abyssal, which continued the story.

By then I had decided to do something impossible: to write a series of X-COM fictions that would cover the entire timeline of the game series, starting with UFO Defense and ending with Genesis (the last aborted game project).

As you can understand this has gotten into a really large project, which will take some more years to complete. So far I finished the first story and I am 1/3 into the second but lately I haven’t had much time to write more.

All of the available stories and chapters are available at www.fanfiction.net so if you like reading (some 350,000 words so far, grammar not that great but readable), you can try these links. To prevent spoilers you should read them in the order presented.

X-COM: The Unknown Menace  - Completed novel (250k words). It covers the entire First Alien War (UFO Defense) from X-COM's beginning to the final battle at Cydonia (1998-2003). To better describe it I have compiled some of the emails I have received over this last years about it.

Thanks to BladeFireLight, you can now download the full story in .pdf format for easier reading. Although it is compressed in .rar format it is still a very BIG file (3.4 mb and 694 pages long)

X-COM: Eulogy - Completed short story (28k words).  The first of a series of short stories set between the events of the Unknown Menace and Abyssal. It is set on the X-COM timeline between UFO and TFTD, when X-COM sends a mission back to Cydonia in 2009 in a desperate search for Elerium.

X-COM: Abyssal - Unfinished second novel, set on TFTD (50k words). It continues the universe of Unknown Menace into the Second Alien War (2040-2046).

X-COM: Destined Alliance -  Unfinished short story (5k words). Originally it was meant to be the beginning of a third novel based on the unreleased game Alliance. Currently it will most likely be a short story that will bridge the events on Abyssal with the third and last novel, Nemesis.

X-COM: Nemesis (no link) – This will be the last novel of the series and it will start at the end of the Interdimensional War, which is featured in the game Apocalypse.


And finally, one warning: although X-COM is a copyrighted trademark and I have no legal rights whatsoever regarding these fanfictions, please don’t steal my work. I have already detected at least one attempt by someone to pose as the author of these stories (the web isn’t such a large place to hide).

I have started writing X-COM fan fiction for fun and for those die hard X-COM players who still love the game after all these years. The first step to be a writer is to create your own work: plagiarizing from other people will not help you at all.